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Our chosen charity for 2019 remains the Masonic Charity Foundation 2022 Festival and the final donation to be made will be announced in December 2019.

Please see 'Events for all the Provincial match results for 2019.

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Your 2019 playing schedule can be viewed on the 'Events', page.

2020 will be 57th year of competition of the Society.  The Annual Event will be held at Kings Norton Golf Club on Tuesday 14th July 2020.  Application forms will be sent to ALL WMGS members personally before the end of February 2020.

The 2019 Annual Event &  AGM was held on Tuesday 9th July at Kings Norton Golf Club at 6.30 p.m. and was presided over by the President RW.Bro. R C Vaughan, PGM.   The full report of the AGM can be seen on the 'AGM Minutes'

The WMGS competition results for 2019 were are as follows:


1st -  W.Bro. C V Firminger, Round Table Lodge, No. 7961 with 41 pts

2nd - W.Bro. P R Cartwright Old Edwardians Lodge of Stourbridge No.6141 , with 39 pts

3rd -  W.Bro. J Tambe, Masefield Lodge No. 2034 with 37 pts


1st - Elgar Lodge No. 9254 - 72 pts. W.Bro. G E Hudspith (36 pts) & W.Bro. G D Heath (36 pts)

2nd - Round Table Lodge No. 7961 - 71 pts. W.Bro. C V Firminger (41 pts) & W.Bro. N C Wainwright (30 pts)

3rd - Old Edwardians Lodge of Stourbridge No.6141 - 68 pts. W.Bro. P R Cartwright (39 pts) & W.Bro. K R Harris (29 pts) 


1st - W.Bro. P R Cartwright, Old Edwardians Lodge of Stourbridge No.6141 with 39 pts (Record)

2nd - W.Bro. G E Hudspith, Elgar Lodge No. 9254, 36 pts

PRICE TALOR BOWL (9 Holes only- Over 80 yrs):

1st - W.Bro. G E Hudspith, Elgar Lodge No. 9254, 18 pts


See AGM Minutes on the news page for full report.

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